A Day as an SD Local

I wrote this, again, for my current job. I had a lot of fun with it as I am a real San Diego local and would love to spend a summer day following this exact guide. 🙂


Congratulations you have rented your first vacation home with PSG in San Diego! You are new to San Diego, but are determined to not waste your precious vacation time on the tourist traps but instead want to explore the local scenery, museums, restaurants and nightlife.

So PSG is here to help! Here is a guide to an ideal day for a San Diego local so that you can really do as the locals do.

8:00 AM: Time to wake up! And since you’re right on the beach take a step out onto the soft sand of Mission Bay and take a morning walk or run to wake up the body and really get those juices flowing. No better way to start off your day then a good morning call with the ocean!

9:30 AM: After a bit of exercise you’re stomach is going to wonder if you forgot about it. It’s time for some yummy food to keep up your energy and make your stomach a happier camper. How about The Olive Café? Steps away from your temporary San Diego home, you can enjoy a morning cup of joe and a fresh, delicious breakfast!

12:00 PM: San Diegan’s love their nature, so if you’re wanting to continue your daily life as a local, stay outside and walk around the nearby shops in PB or walk along the longest pier in San Diego in OB. Maybe stop at Hodad’s for one of their world famous burgers or The Mad Beet for a lighter, healthier Acai bowl!

2:00 PM: You’re still on vacation, even if you are an honorary local, so why not try one of the hundreds of craft breweries in San Diego! You can even hop around with one of San Diego’s brewery tours, which even locals love, or just pick two or three at random that are nearby. Check out the “Craft Beer Scene” section of our Local Area Guide for our favorite local breweries!

5:30 PM: Almost time for sunset, which means it’s time to set up your picnic and bonfire at Mission Bay. It also means its time for dinner! There are plenty of barbeque pits in mission bay where you can cook up some hot dogs or veggie burgers. After those couple of beers, all you might want to do is lounge in the sand, take a nap and gain a tan.

7:00 PM: Sun is setting and the brilliant oranges, pinks and red light up the San Diego, summer sky. You can start your bonfire now and get out the s’mores makings to everyone’s delight. Nothing beats a good sunset and s’mores!

8:00 PM: It’s dark now but it never really gets too cold in San Diego, so with a couple of blankets and sweatshirts you can stay out and enjoy the night sky. It gets even better when the Sea World fireworks light it up. It might be for the guests of the amusement park but locals loves the sky spectacular just as much as the tourists.

9:00 PM: Now it might be time to go home and enjoy a couple of hours with a new book, a new TV show or a family film. If you’re with friends, now might be just the beginning of your night. Which means you’re heading to the bars of PB or the Gaslamp area to dress up and enjoy the local nightlife scene! Check out our “Nightlife” section in the Local Area Guide to see what our favorite bars are.

Now you can live like a local! After this day you might just want to move here to San Diego and become a real “local”.

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Why Mission Bay is The Best Place to Vacation in San Diego!

I am currently working as a content manager for a vacation rental company (Pacific Sunset Group) in my beautiful hometown of San Diego. I update their blog once a week and this is the first blog post I ever published for them.

Mission Bay really is awesome and any tourist would be super lucky to vacation there!


Mission Bay, here in San Diego, is one of the finest vacation locations on the (dare I say it?) California coast! This is a pretty bold statement, but when you understand how much there is to do and see within this small, but central, area of San Diego you just might agree.

Here are 3 top reasons why you should choose Mission Bay as your next vacation spot:


Centrally located

Here in Mission Bay you get the very best of everything San Diego has to offer. If you’re looking for a relaxing day at the beach, a fun theme park for a family day or a night downtown, Mission Bay is just a few minutes away from it all!

Directly surrounding Mission Bay and all of the vacation rentals we offer are multiple beaches, Liberty Station, SeaWorld, Belmont Park as well as popular tourist towns, Pacific Beach and Point Loma. This means there is no shortage of diverse restaurants, bars, hikes and entertainment literally steps from your new vacation home. There are also a series of highly ranked hotels in Mission Bay in case you’re looking for a relaxing day at the spa.

Downtown and Balboa Park are a 15 minute drive from the bay, which means that you can enjoy a few museums, a trip to seaport village or an evening drink in the Gaslamp district without going too far from your temporary San Diego home.



Yes, in Mission Bay you get to enjoy fireworks throughout the summer and holiday seasons. This is thanks to SeaWorld and their popular fireworks spectacular, which is located close to all of our available rental properties. This allows you and your family the chance to enjoy a SeaWorld’s evening display of fireworks right from your vacation living room, porch or balcony.

Have an evening picnic or barbeque on the beach or enjoy one of the many bonfire pits that Mission Bay offers and wait for the light display in the summer night sky. Kids and parents alike are sure to enjoy this added surprise to their vacation.



All of the available vacation properties we offer here at PSG are either on a beach or steps away from one. This allows you and your family to enjoy and explore a wide array of aquatic sports like kayaking, snorkeling or scuba diving. You can even try your hand at kite surfing or rent a board and practice “standing up” for the first time! There are rental equipment services all over Mission Bay to teach, coach and guide you through San Diego’s finest waters.

Kids will love the available bonfire pits and varied children’s parks that are scattered throughout the area. You can spend a whole day out on the water and then watch the sunset while keeping warm beside the fire pit. Did someone say S’mores?

So if you’re trying to decide where you’re going to treat your family next, either in San Diego, California or the U.S., don’t forget the Mission Bay area. You might just miss out on all the fun.

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“Eleanor Put Your Boots On”

I wrote this short story in my freshman year of college just for fun. I was obviously pretty into Franz Ferdinand at the time. I was inspired by this song so much so that I created a story out of it because that’s what you do when you’re all angst-y and tipsy and living in the dorms.


He was a construction man. He had scarred knuckles, blackened fingernails and a permanent frown embedded in the wrinkle just above his eyebrows. He wore heavy boots stained with dirt and kissed by over zealous dust clouds. His breath was long and choked, his smile broken by a pained back and a hardened voice. He was a construction man.

Eleanor had soft palms, manicured nails and a permanent smile embedded in the dimples that circle the edge of her small mouth. She wore light red flats that clashed with her daily outfit. Her breath was young, her voice full of life.

In his stained boots, Eleanor saw stability. The boots gave her Daddy the power to hold big things, climb to the highest points and stay strong in the depths of the ground. So, for her tenth birthday, she asked for stained boots so she could be stable just like her Daddy.

Underneath the pink flowered wrapping she found her stained boots. They were yellow and a bit big. She put them on right there and then and became a construction man’s daughter.

Every day Eleanor wore her stained boots. She wore them to the lunch table where she ate her shaped peanut butter and banana sandwich. She wore them on the wooden bench in church and got scolded because the other girls wore flats. She wore them to Timmy Anderson’s birthday party and his mom made her take them off before she came into the kitchen. She wore them to Coney Island and ate a hot dog with Uncle Jackie.

In her stained boots, Eleanor ran and climbed the taller trees that only the boys dared to go up. She stomped through tall grass and tip-toe through streams. Eleanor never fell in her boots and soon her nails grew a light brown and her soft palms roughened.

When Eleanor was twelve she came downstairs in a blue dress with white flowers on it. She was going to go play with Timmy Anderson and Lola James. She sat on the bottom step, the twelfth step, and reached for her stained boots. They were now mud stained, more brown then yellow. The boot would not fit her foot. Eleanor pulled on the boot desperately trying to get it on as two ugly sisters once did to a glass slipper. When she could pull no more and exasperated breath was drawn out of her, Eleanor ran upstairs and found the white converse Uncle Jackie bought her.

Eleanor put the blinding new shoes on. She no longer ran, she stepped. No more climbing, just giggling. Stomping and tip-toeing turned into prancing and playful gestures. The light brown color that consumed the underside of her nails was now covered in a baby pink nail color.

The construction man’s hands shook with lines of dirt. His hair was sprinkled with white and his teeth now completely yellowed from cigarettes. His voice was now cracked with a chronic cough and the pains of the day dragged his grin to the ground. He still wore his stained boots.

In a closet he kept Eleanor’s stained boots. Darkened with dirt and mud, sprayed with grass stain and smudged with a bit of her blood from a scratched ankle. The construction man’s daughter had grown from boots to converse to heels. And while they all fit he hoped that one day Eleanor would put her boots back on.

Days 1-6: 1-2

I wrote this piece for a creative fiction class I took while studying abroad in Auckland, New Zealand. My professor was a pretty harsh critic, she’d call me out in class and workshops; nothing I wrote was good enough or even good for that matter. But I gained a lot from her class including a tougher skin. This is an excerpt from a final project, we had to recreate a scene from our past or current reality and dramatize it, embellish the details. I think she called it “creative non-fiction”.

Day 1:

My eyelashes are crusted and cemented to each other. My eyelids are heavy, so very heavy, but I lift them. How many hours had it been? How many days? Centuries? My head has turned into stone and my limbs sawdust. I bend the tips of my fingers like I do after a vivid dream, registering my awaken body and announcing my return to the warmth of a blanket-covered reality.

But there is nothing warm about this reality. The tips of my fingers are numb and lifeless, registering nothing except cold. I am cold. I am really, very cold. I try not to dwell on my fingers and instead focus on the symbols around me, desperately looking for any clue as to where I am.

I’m not sure if I can move my head but I am able to look down. There are three blankets layered and tucked around my useless body all the way to my chest. My arms are out and I can see my fingers moving. They’re still trying to register my consciousness. I see a shiny, silver needle stuck in a cluster of goose bumps on my forearm and the tube it’s linked to climbing up and up. It finds its end at a clear plastic bag filled with an unknown liquid.

Then there’s a voice. Duff Goldman. The fat guy from “Ace of Cakes”. What the actual fuck is he doing in this ice tundra full of gray lines and off white shapes? And if he is actually here, which who knows at this point, he better have brought me a cake with an explanation about where I am and why his show was cancelled written in curled icing. It was the best thing Food Network had to offer since “Barefoot Contessa”.

A sudden heaviness on my left hand interrupts my thoughts of overly decorated cakes and fat bald men. I shift my half opened gaze to the left and meet my mom’s blotchy nose and brown eyes the size of saucers. The ice tundra suddenly comes into focus. The gray lines and off white shapes materialize into the familiar set of “Grey’s Anatomy”. It has all the realism of a modern hospital but there is that artificial veil that convinces me McSteamy is in the other room telling some girl she’s “his person”.

Those brown saucers have thin layers of tears draping them. My mom pets my hair and her speech rises, its shaky and gurgled. There is something about a surgery, tumor, ovary…the gurgling goes on for a long time.

Finally the gurgling stops and I still have not a real clue as to why I am here, covered in goose bumps or why Duff was in my room. My dad appears out of nowhere at my mom’s shoulder. I swear they’ve morphed into a two-headed dragon, which offers somewhat of an insight on parenthood.

I want to see my parents, not as a two-headed dragon but as my individual caretakers, supporters, friends. I try to move, to sit up, knowing when you shift your position during a test the answers become clearer, your brain wakes up again. I desperately need mine to get its shit together.

But when I shift I know my face contorts even if I can’t feel it. There is a striking, stiff pain in my core that stretches to the edges of my legs and neck. My entire mid section throbs and the tightened skin over my stomach burns and prickles as if someone had just thrown burning coals on it. The scream hitches in my chest and catches in my throat, but like a broken down VW bus it never makes it out.

The two-headed dragon’s faces meld into a single one of worry and confusion. A button is pushed near my left hand.

A man runs in. McSteamy it’s got to be. He flips a switch near my head and I feel a damn opening somewhere. Somewhere a river has been released and it’s now rushing though my veins. It smells like rubbing alcohol.

Then darkness.

Day 2:

The grey and white shapes configure themselves into real symbols that show I’m in a hospital room. A real one this time.

I look up and there is only white. Cold. So very cold. I try my fingers again. It works! I can feel them and they ache. My lips are chapped, throat is dry and my toes are curled.

My upper body is rising. Oh My God, I am Frankenstein’s monster. The two-headed dragon is going to show me my reflection and I’m going to be a poor manmade replica of humanity. I never really felt that green was my color.

As my body is risen without consent so I reach an upright position I see my dad and wait for him to start shouting “Its alive! Its aliveeee!” and then fall into a euphoric seizure by my bedside.

Instead I get a “Good morning Pookah! Glad to see those beautiful eyes again!”

I vomit.

Cherub Charms Earl Warren: “Doses & Mimosas” Duo Now a Four-Piece Band

When asked what a Cherub show is like, co-Cherubs Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber can’t help but laugh. After a little thought, Kelley answers, “Like running through a corn maze backwards, naked.” Huber quickly adds that they have “splash areas.” If the two members of the electro indie group are to be believed, the Cherub experience is something truly unique and out of the ordinary.

The Tennessee natives made their debut with the album MoM &DaD, released in 2012. Since then, with the release of their hot single “Doses and Mimosas” and their breakout album Year of the Caprese in 2014, the duo have skyrocketed to fame and popularity. With past and current influences circling an odd mixture of boy bands and heavy metal, the two friends have grown to produce more than out-of-the box synths and mixes. They seem to have simply crushed the box completely.

Now the duo has embarked on its transcontinental So… You DTF? Tour, featuring Hippie Sabotage and Shooka. They aim to come to town this Friday, November 20, when they headline the Earl Warren Showgrounds.

This Santa Barbara show marks a couple of firsts for the pair of producers. The upcoming show at the showgrounds is the first show they’ve done in Santa Barbara as a headlining standalone act since leading the New Noise 2014 Block Party. Kelley and Huber couldn’t be more excited to be back in Southern California. They are “pumped to get into the [Californian] vibes” and are coming out with “dicks swinging.”

This tour is also Kelley’s and Huber’s first time touring with a live band. The pair, who has spent the past five years touring as a strong duo, is now part of a four-piece band. The two new members are good friends Jordan Bartlett on keys and guitar and Nick Curtis on drums. Together they are integrating more songs and introducing newer tracks that they’ve never played on tour before.

This addition of two new band members, as well as the rest of the touring crew that comprises 13 hardworking individuals, has sparked its own new set of touring adventures, excitement, and comical stories. While the duo commented that most of the stories shouldn’t be told, they admitted that a few complications arose with the new bandmates. “I wake up and Nick, the drummer, is just in my bed,” Kelley recalls. It seems that Huber has a more serious issue with the add-ons. “JB [Jordan Bartlett] eats all my Pop-Tarts, and it’s not cool,” he said. Not cool, indeed.

Cherub’s music inspires all manner of wild behavior, and a couple of stories Kelley and Huber shared involved passionate fans launching objects up onstage. Laughing, the duo reminisced that once “someone threw a cast on the stage, and we were just like, Are you sure you want to do that?”

The Cherub sound is as individualistic and charming as the people that create it and the kind of live show it produces. Kelley describes it as very particular cuts of steak — yes, the red meat that many a man’s man greatly enjoys — with the music of Cherub having only the most desirable bits of the cow. “We’ve got the fillet and the sirloin … tender and soft,” he said.

The tender and soft Cherub will be “showing our friendship” to the fans at Earl Warren and will guide us all to a freakier you and me.

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Milk Carton Kids at the Lobero: Duo Riffs On Having Kids and Growing Old in Inspiring Show

This was one of the first concert reviews I wrote for
“The Santa Barbara Independent” that they published. I was in my senior year at UCSB and was diving head first into the world of music journalism and it was almost too much fun! I didn’t know anything about this band before and kind of fell in love with them during the show.


The Milk Carton Kids performed at the Lobero Theatre for their fourth time on Wednesday, September 30. Fixed with only one microphone and a great sense of self-deprecating humor, the duo enraptured their audience with their incredible vocal and acoustic guitar talents and a good dose of banter.

After a comedic introduction by Joey Ryan, Joe Pug impressed as the solo opening act with his harmonica, an acoustic guitar and his “very tattoo-able” lyrics. Then the headlining harmonic folk duo took the stage with “Hope of a Lifetime.” Kenneth Pattengale effortlessly picked the acoustic strings through the softer song, continually swaying with eyes closed. In the following track, “Shooting Shadows,” Pattengale showcased his immense talent through complicated guitar solos.

After an upbeat “The City of Our Lady,” the pair took a break to make fun of each other and the audience, which, as observed by Pattengale, was filled with mostly the elder generation. Ryan also took this time to express his pride in “creating his own people” by having his first child.

The next song was dedicated to Pattengale’s not-yet-existing daughter, Charlie. The sweet ballad was a melodic letter to “Charlie” with Pattengale expressing love and concern for his future child. Although he may not have seen every eye in the audience, there was not likely a single dry one in the house.


Following that, Ryan and Pattengale played the title track from their 2013 album, The Ash and Clay. Then bringing up the energy so even the stoic Ryan began to move to his own music, they played the catchy “Honey, Honey” from the same album.

The theme of the entire show seemed to revolve around having children, specifically the birth of Ryan’s two-year-old. After Pattengale seemed to insult his audience by consistent jokes stereotyping the elderly, Ryan took over the microphone to tell of the father’s sacrifice during childbirth. In a monotone voice, he sarcastically dramatized his role and the terror that he experienced during his wife’s 18-hour labor.

After receiving roaring laughs from the audience and making himself giggle a few times, Ryan lead his partner and him into “Snake Eyes.” They concluded their set list with a powerful “I Still Want a Little More,” from their debut album, Prologue.

But the folk pair weren’t finished just yet. Describing The Lobero as one of their favorite places to play, Ryan and Pattengale emerged back on stage to play another of the lyrically rich tracks, “New York.” The second encore was a creative rendition of Pink Floyd’s classic, “Wish You Were Here,” which gave the audience a glance into the pair’s musical influences.

It is clear that The Milk Carton Kids love what they do and love that they can do it together. The lyrics and melodies of each song are equally unique and emotionally charged and the energy produced is truly something inspired.

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide To March Madness Bracket Terms

The March Madness college basketball season is one of the biggest sporting events of the year. And one of the most important and popular aspects of this seasonal event is the bracket associated with it. Fans gather to fill in brackets and predict which of their favorite teams will make it to the top and come out of the tournament as the ultimate champion. The bracket is also coupled with gambling and significant amount of money, making the competition even fiercer between friends or other fans.

The bracketology aspect of this sporting event is filled with complexities; math, stats, analytics and a series of coded words that anyone would fail to understand as a foreigner to the world of brackets.

Welcome to the ultimate field guide to bracket terminology. This a fully comprehensive guide for beginners who are just dipping their toes into NCAA March Madness tournament brackets, so that you finally understand what your friends and the experts are talking about.


When the bracket is released on Selection Sunday, each of the 68 particpating teams are designated a “seed” number. This process is known as “seeding” and the number refers to the team’s ranking within the tournament. The tournament is broken up into 4 regions and each of them has a 1-16 seeding list. Number 1 seeds are the best, which means number 16 seeds are the worst teams. In the first round of the tournament the highest seeded teams play the lowest seeded teams, which normally forces the weaker teams out of the tournament.

Final Four:

The Final Four is made of up 1 team from each region. So it’s not the final four games played in the tournaments, it’s the team from each region left standing. The 2 winning teams of The Final Four go on to the battle each other in the National Championship.

Upset/ Bracket Buster:

This is when a lower seeded team beats a higher seeded team. This can bust your nicely filled in bracket because most fans, experts and bracket participants expect the higher ranked teams to make it the farthest in the tournament, but sometimes the lesser teams will surprise you


This refers to a team that does better than anyone expected or predicted throughout the tournament. This can, arguably, be the most exciting part of the whole tournament because who doesn’t love an underdog?
Big Dance/ The Dance:

Another title for the March Madness tournament. Teams that are participating are known to be “going dancing”.

Cutting Down the Net:

It is tradition for the winning team of the tournament to cut down the basketball net at the end of the winning game. This is typically done by the players and/or the coach of the winning team.

So now that you can fully understand what is going on when your friends are talking about or you uncle is watching Selection Sunday, surprise them even more so by filling in your first NCAA March Madness bracket. Hey, you never know you might even win a little money along the way.

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DRAFT Beer Contest 2017

There’s a lot of great beer out there in United States of America. From pilsners to IPA’s to lagers to sours to stouts; America offers some of the best of the best. But which brewery truly offers the BEST of the best.

Draft Magazine wants to hear what you think! Which brewery should be named the beer king of the U.S.? You decide!

Vote throughout a series of rounds where some of the greatest breweries from all over the nation are pitted against each other, until one brewery beats out the rest and wins the bracket.

By participating in this battle of beers and voting for your favorites you’ll be entered to win a MiniMaxEGG® from Big Green Egg®, which is pictured below. This Prize package includes a MiniMaxEGG with a carrier, 10# bag of Natural Lump Charcoal, Charcoal Starters, Ash Tool and Grill Gripper. Delivery with 48 Continental US/DC. Some assembly required. Approximate value of the prize is $650.
So let’s get into that March Madness spirit! While you’re watching the games, filling in your March Madness bracket and sipping on your favorite brew, take a second to vote for that beer and the people that make it and make them the beer kings and queens of the U.S!

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Why Interactive Content is A Virtuous Cycle

As the digital content marketing sphere expands, grows and adapts to new generations and technologies, new marketing strategies have to be developed to keep up with these adaptations. One of those new strategies is interactive content marketing.

Interactive content marketing is a revolving door of consumer data driven, personalized content that in turn creates new consumer data to filter back into the system and create more, better content. As the door spins, quality individualized content is being created and published. With another spin marketers receive information and data about their site visitors from interactions with the published content. With the third spin, that data is utilized to produce better content, marketing strategies and maybe even products for the given brand.

But what makes that revolving door turn?

No Second Door

 With a revolving door you can let a number of people enter and exit at the same time, making it easy and efficient. No one has to wait to hold the door open or look for the door that seems the least busy. Interactive content marketing works in a similar fashion.

Utilizing interactive content platforms allows you to gather relevant data right away. It can be found directly on your site or through social media with results from polls, Stackups and Matchups. Getting the information you need in real time allows you to create more personalized, quality content faster. More updates at a quicker speed means more eyes on your content and more people stepping in and out of your revolving door.

The Walk Through’s

Without people constantly entering and exiting the revolving the door the door would never spin. When consumers voluntarily interact or fail to interact with the content on a brand’s website they are volunteering information about themselves to the brand.

By simply swiping left or right, choosing a favorite song between two options or replying “yes” or “no” they allow the given brand to understand how the consumer is perusing their site, what they are naturally interested in, and most importantly what they are looking for in a digital experience.

The Push

 Without someone pushing the door or pressing an automated button the revolving door, again, would never spin. Now that there is current data offering who the consumer is as a person, the content marketing creative can tailor his/her brand’s content to the consumer’s wants and needs, making the content more effective.

Once this content is created and published for consumers to see and interact with, engagement with the brand and it’s website will increase once again. These interactions will then, again, lead to more consumer data and more statistics, which, again, will lead to more creative and personal content for consumers to enjoy.

The revolving door never seems to stop spinning.

Interactive content marketing is a virtuous cycle that continues to benefit the marketers that utilize it as a strategy in their digital marketing campaign. It allows marketers to better understand who their potential consumers are, what they want and how they want it in an easy comprehensive platform.

From that understanding marketers can better the customer experience, the digital experience and the content that they offer to those potential consumers and eliminate their “potential” and establish them as full-on customers.

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We are Saved! Interactive Content is the Cure to Skimming



Most written content is actively created and actively chosen by consumers who have an existing interest. But most of that of content doesn’t encourage active engagement and only be enjoyed passively. This passive enjoyment has some serious side effects like high bounce rtes, lower click through rates, a consumer’s drooping head or a lengthy sigh and, in the worst cases, it has been seen to cause failed content marketing strategy. These side effects lead to the common but dangerous ailment called: Skimming.


Skimming: When an active Internet user or digital content consumer is drawn in by a attractive title of an article, video, image or infograph, but then disappoints themselves, the content creator, a marketing team and a brand by skipping all of the relevant information, except those few lines in bold, quotes, color or larger text, until they reach the end.


*Known to cause boredom, lowered attention span, lessened retention rate, and lack of understanding for patient.


Luckily for Internet users and digital content consumers all over the world there is a vaccine for this powerful disease that can be even used as a cure for “Skimming” and it is “Interactive Content”.

It counters the side effects of “Skimming” in three easy steps:


Encouraged Participation

Interactive content allows participants to challenge themselves and their friends in a fun, light entertaining way. It allows them to choose their favorite options in a category, predict winners and losers, voice their opinion and compete against themselves as well as their friends. Through brackets, interactive lists, Stack Up’s and Match Up’s, participants can actively click through the content, take on a role within the content, build a relationship with the products and brands, and engage with the brand in a fun way.


Relevant Sentimental Data

The second step of this 3-step-cure to skimming is simple. It creates relevant, specified data for marketing teams to further understand who their consumer audience is and what they are looking for in a customer experience. From this data they can tailor their content to focus on individualized consumer demographics and gain insights on how to better their marketing strategies.


Better Content

From the specified data gained in step 2 marketers can create better, more personalized, content that will truly wow and impress their consumers. Every element of the marketing content created will be more relevant and tie in more cohesively with the consumer’s existing interests. This increase in personalization will generate more and better leads than ever before. So not only will this remedy the “Skimming” illness it will also prevent it from ever coming back!

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