About Me


As the Marketing Director for an all-star EdTech company, a freelance copywriter, and a professional comic story-teller – my passions revolve around expanding the potential of the written word.

I grew up going to San Diego Comic Convention, my dad reading me chapters of “The Hobbit” before going to bed, and writing myself as a feminist protagonist into my imaginary rendition of “Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back”.

I graduated UC Santa Barbara with a degree in English and dove into content marketing. At this time, I was fortunate enough to publish my first creator-owned graphic novel, “The Comet”. I took a short career break to teach English in South Korea and travel the world. During my year in South Korea, I wrote and published “Mean Girls: Senior Year” in collaboration with Paramount Studios.

Now, back in the United States, I continue my love for content marketing and education as the Marketing Director for Derivita. I created this website not just to act as a portfolio but to continue my creative writing journey. So here we go. Enjoy!