Friday Stories

Isla Vista

Headphones are the first thing to go in after letting the screen door crash close behind me. Back then they still had a cord attached to them to connect to your phone. My IPhone 4 was wrapped in a teal and yellow, zig-zag case that did absolutely nothing to protect the phone from- well anything.  […]

A Hunter

*This is a fictional transcription and was inspired by recent world events.* This is the transcription of an interview with one of the young men they call “Hunters”. We asked him how he got into this business and what makes tracking these young women so appealing to him. He has asked to remain anonymous.   __________________________________________ […]

The Coaxing Cauldron: Part Two.

Lydia Goodswell first came into The Coaxing Cauldron when she was four years old – alone.  She was lost. While holding the calf of her dad’s pant leg as he continued a never-ending conversation outside the coffee house she caught the brown sugar butter smell of the candy shop. She waddled her way past the […]

The Coaxing Cauldron: Part One.

The smell of sugar encompasses incoming customers as soon as the short twinkle rings to announce their arrival.  I say “customers” because no one has ever left the “Coaxing Cauldron” with empty hands. When I say “sugar” I don’t mean that sour-rubber-candy smell that reminds you of a day-old stomachache. I mean that brown butter […]