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My name is Arianna, I am a recent graduate from UCSB with a BA in English language and literature. And basically, I love writing. I love every aspect of it, down to the last comma.

I fell in love with writing when my dad read my sister and I books like The Hobbit, chapter by chapter, night by night until we were filled with curiosities and wonder. Writing and I became attached at the hip when my 5th grade teacher gave us random prompts, encouraging me to go deeper into my own fantasies and realities. By college, writing and I had become “star crossed lovers” and I gleefully delved into different types of literature from all over the world with the same curiosity and passion I once had for The Hobbit.

Now here I am (on my own site!) creating my own stories and assisting others’ in sharing theirs. With content and copy writing I get to tour the world of marketing, learning as I go and continuing my understanding of different styles of writing. With developing my own properties like “The Comet” I get to basically moonwalk out of reality and do my own thing.

So that’s me and this is my little world of writing! Want to learn more about me? Find meĀ on LinkedIn or Twitter.