Why Interactive Content is A Virtuous Cycle

As the digital content marketing sphere expands, grows and adapts to new generations and technologies, new marketing strategies have to be developed to keep up with these adaptations. One of those new strategies is interactive content marketing.

Interactive content marketing is a revolving door of consumer data driven, personalized content that in turn creates new consumer data to filter back into the system and create more, better content. As the door spins, quality individualized content is being created and published. With another spin marketers receive information and data about their site visitors from interactions with the published content. With the third spin, that data is utilized to produce better content, marketing strategies and maybe even products for the given brand.

But what makes that revolving door turn?

No Second Door

 With a revolving door you can let a number of people enter and exit at the same time, making it easy and efficient. No one has to wait to hold the door open or look for the door that seems the least busy. Interactive content marketing works in a similar fashion.

Utilizing interactive content platforms allows you to gather relevant data right away. It can be found directly on your site or through social media with results from polls, Stackups and Matchups. Getting the information you need in real time allows you to create more personalized, quality content faster. More updates at a quicker speed means more eyes on your content and more people stepping in and out of your revolving door.

The Walk Through’s

Without people constantly entering and exiting the revolving the door the door would never spin. When consumers voluntarily interact or fail to interact with the content on a brand’s website they are volunteering information about themselves to the brand.

By simply swiping left or right, choosing a favorite song between two options or replying “yes” or “no” they allow the given brand to understand how the consumer is perusing their site, what they are naturally interested in, and most importantly what they are looking for in a digital experience.

The Push

 Without someone pushing the door or pressing an automated button the revolving door, again, would never spin. Now that there is current data offering who the consumer is as a person, the content marketing creative can tailor his/her brand’s content to the consumer’s wants and needs, making the content more effective.

Once this content is created and published for consumers to see and interact with, engagement with the brand and it’s website will increase once again. These interactions will then, again, lead to more consumer data and more statistics, which, again, will lead to more creative and personal content for consumers to enjoy.

The revolving door never seems to stop spinning.

Interactive content marketing is a virtuous cycle that continues to benefit the marketers that utilize it as a strategy in their digital marketing campaign. It allows marketers to better understand who their potential consumers are, what they want and how they want it in an easy comprehensive platform.

From that understanding marketers can better the customer experience, the digital experience and the content that they offer to those potential consumers and eliminate their “potential” and establish them as full-on customers.

Originally published here!

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